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Vaiofand is a Linux system daemon to tame the noisy fans of Sony Vaio laptops. These fans are controlled directly by the BIOS and thus do not allow for standard software management. Moreover, Vaio fans are usually spinning at considerably higher rates than necessary and so generate excessive noise. Vaiofand monitors the system temperature and maintains the fan speed at user-defined rate by constantly overruling the settings made by the BIOS. Vaiofand can also make further adjustments to the fan speed when the temperature reaches user-defined thresholds.



Please note that this software is specific for Linux as it depends on certain unique features of the Linux kernel. Unfortunately, it will not work on other operating systems.

vaiofand 0.10.1 (1 October 2011)

supported hardware

Vaiofand uses the SNY6001 (aka Sony Programmable I/O Control, SPIC or SonyPI) ACPI device to control the fan. However, not all Vaio laptops include this device, and even if they do, the devices do not always have the same feature set. Therefore, before you install vaiofand, make sure that the file /sys/devices/platform/sony-laptop/fanspeed is present on your system. If it is not the case, then your laptop does not allow for any kind of fan management.

Sony has recently made some major changes to their laptops' BIOS and ACPI. It appears that none of the currently manufactured model lines do support any kind of fan management.

If you have any additions (you can confirm a line either to work or not to) or corrections to the above list, please submit them to the email address below.

An ultimate test how to check whether vaiofand will work for you is to run echo 255|sudo tee /sys/devices/platform/sony-laptop/fanspeed If that makes the fan spin considerably faster (at least for a while), you are good to go. Otherwise, vaiofand will never work with your laptop.

usage and configuration

Vaiofand is a system daemon, and as such it runs in the background. It reads all its settings from /etc/vaiofand.conf. This file is continuously monitored, and any changes made to it are picked up immediately without the need to restart the daemon.

Hence, an easy, interactive and GUI-like way to tweak the settings is to press Alt + F2 and type gksudo gedit /etc/vaiofand.conf (assuming your desktop environment is GNOME, on KDE SC run kdesudo kate /etc/vaiofand.conf). Every time you make a change in the file and save it, vaiofand will detect it and instantly reload the settings.

Vaiofand-monit is a subsidiary tool to vaiofand. It can be invoked from the command line interface to monitor the system temperature and the fan activity.


Released as open source under ISC License.

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